More glimpses into the crazy, deranged place that is Tony Hayward's mind. Affirming, at last, that he is indeed completely out of touch with reality, here's what he said to grace his departure:

"I believe this tragedy will leave BP a different company. I believe for it to move on in the United States it needs new leadership and it is for that reason I have stood down as the CEO. I think BP's response to this tragedy has been a model of good social corporate responsibility. It has mounted an unprecedented response."

But wait, it gets even better. What does his replacement, ol' Dudley, have to say about BP's record and future:

Dudley, who will become BP's first American boss, described the company's reaction to the blowout on the Deepwater Horizon as an "unprecedented corporate response" adding that very few companies could have done what it did.

Well you're right in a profoundly unintended way there, Dudley--few companies could have done what you did, indeed. Few could have gotten it so utterly wrong. Fewer still could exhale a satisfied breath as their beleaguered CEO exited bragging about his company's 'responsibility' in the face of the largest environmental disaster in US history.

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