Bonus gem

We can always count on the New York Times for two things: snarky comments hidden deep in most of the articles, and unintentionally ironic quotes.

Here's one about BP's 'game-changing' replacement of Hayward:

"The change in leadership did not alter the tone at the top of the company. On Tuesday, Mr. Dudley, just like Mr. Hayward, insisted that BP had not been negligent in its offshore operations."

And what did Dudley say, exactly?

“It’s a very complicated industrial accident,” Mr. Dudley said during a telephone interview with reporters. It resulted from “a series of individual misjudgments by very experienced people and a multiple series of failures of equipment and processes of using equipment that is going to involve multiple companies here.”

You're right Dudley, it is a very complicated accident. But it didn't result from a series of 'individual misjudgements', that's for sure. Try a two decade-long record of total disregard for environmental and social impact, including the largest fine in the history of the US OSHA. for lack of compliance.

I'm just going to go ahead and state the obvious: Dudley is a dud.

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