Gem of the day

Marketing Magazine continues to deliver gem after gem. Today, we are served up this beauty:

"Pepsi's BP oil spill activity praised by CSR experts"

Let's take a step back and recall just what the parameters around the Refresh Project submissions were for the Gulf of Mexico addition:

"There are a number of requirements for potential ideas--most notably, they can't be related directly to environmental impact and clean-up efforts. Instead, projects have to impact local communities and be executable within a year."

No environmental benefits? So what is so laudable about these Kumabayah-singing initiatives? According to the 'CSR experts':

"They aren't over-reaching or over-sentimentalising. There are no photographs of birds covered in oil or ruined beaches or stars and stripes."

And, wait for it, the clincher:

"In CSR in general honesty is the single most important element of any branded work."

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