Bonus gem

For today's bonus gem, let's take a trip back to the glorious harkening of the millenium.

In 2000, our lovely comrades at Innovest published "The Petroleum Industry: hidden risks and value potential for financiers and investors", an industry sector report which highlighted "the environmentally-driven risks and opportunities found in the 13 oil companies of the S&P 500."

And who came out on top? Royal Dutch Shell, with BP at a "close second". And what did Innovest have to say?

"Shell and BP have superior environmental management programs, particularly the level of engagement in sustainable development and triple bottom line issues," said Dr. Martin Whittaker, Senior Analyst at Innovest.

Ah yes. And for the clincher, here's what Innovest says the value of their report is:

"Concerned investors will find Innovest's report a valuable indicator of future performance in the oil industry based on environmental criteria."

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