Another non-environmental wonder

This is how they do it in France:

-Christian Blanc, the junior minister for development of the Paris region, charged the state around $15,000 for Cuban cigars
-Earlier this year, the junior minister for cooperation and Francophony, Alain Joyandet, citing a tight schedule, spent $142,000 on a private jet to attend a Haiti reconstruction conference in Martinique

And how shall they wield the regulatory stick?

"The state will stop paying the rent on private housing and for personal expenses, ministers and junior ministers will take trains rather than planes and sleep in embassies rather then hotels; the state will cancel its annual hunts, sell some airplanes and reduce by 10,000 the number of cars it provides and by 7,000 the number of apartments or houses."

And yes, that does actually read 'annual hunts'.

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