Bonus bonus gem

Let's face it, Web 2.0 is a mixed bag. On one level, it's kind of bringing us closer to democracy. On another more cynical level, it's constantly furnishing us with gems--gems which exemplify just how little value can be added through social media (sometimes). I came across this one, excerpted below, in response to a blog by a CSR professional:

"Elaine, Thanks for this intelligent research. I am starting to wonder if we in CSR and Sustainability can create story boards that counteract the press and media's reports that disempower the possibility of change...
I now believe we should start course for the new media in how to spark this kind of engagement, so less money is invested to fuel the pace of fury that the press creates as an obstacle to real education that can result in the change we need for ESG."

Ah yes, the sorry sound of jargon drifting through the CSR breeze...

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