Gem of the day

Policy innovation of the week goes to the BNP:

"The BNP would offer non-white British people £50,000 to leave "overcrowded" Britain and return to the land of their ancestors, the party's leader Nick Griffin said today. He said the scheme would be funded from the foreign aid budget and money the government is 'wasting at the moment on ridiculous climate change adaptation policies.'"

And who exactly are these 'non-white British people'?

"'If you are talking about Polish plumbers or Afghan refugees, the doors are going to be shut because Britain is full,' he added."

But wait, it gets even better. What about international laws and all that bizniz?

"Griffin said the BNP would be prepared to tear up international treaties in order to achieve its objectives. Asked what would happen if other countries reciprocated by not allowing British people in, Griffin replied: 'The last thing I saw there wasn't a queue of Brits trying to go to Albania or Somalia.'"

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