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It's Earth Day. That means it's time to take a close look at what our friends at Monsanto are promising/hyping/gnashing their teeth about. In their own words:

"April 22, 2010 marks Earth Day, a day to reflect and appreciate the Earth’s environment. This day we recognize farmers, the original environmentalists. Farmers care for the land and strive to leave the land better for the next generation. Over the years farmers have adapted new technologies and agricultural practices that are more environmentally friendly and sustainable."

And what are these earth-saving practices, exactly? No-till systems, reduction of pesticides from use of genetically modified crops (Monsanto refers to them as 'insect-resistant') and reduced fuel use from less frequent applications of pesticides. All of which, Monsanto carefully writes, 'are believed to have led to significant reductions in greenhouse gasses'. Reductions, in fact, that Monsanto declares are the equivalent of taking 6,300,000 cars off the road for one year. What an analogy.

Here's another analogy: imagine the money Monsanto could save, as well as all those 'soft' intangible, social benefits it could reap, if it stopped suing farmers?

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