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It's another sunny day for corporate commitments, as the Business Roundtable releases what I tend to think of as 'another one of those high-level best practices reports': Enhancing Our Commitment to a Sustainable Future.

In fact, while the Business Roundtable is certainly one of the better types of organisations that produce such reports, its introductory statement basically worships incremental innovation:

"Business Roundtable member companies are committed to working with policymakers, NGOs and consumers to make their communities stronger and more sustainable, their products greener and more innovative and their operations cleaner and more efficient."

Still, the ingeniously titled 'Enhancing Our Commitment' report is a must-read, if only to find out what companies like Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, Boeing, Chevron, Dow Chemical and--ah yes--Peabody have to say in their delightfully compact one-page statements, complete with the flourish of an executive signature.


Anadarko: "Energy is fundamental to physical existence."
Duke Energy: "Advocating fair and effective climate legislation."
Peabody: "As we chart the course for a sustainable energy future, our most powerful answer is coal."

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