Bonus uber-gem

This is a rough one. Ever encounter a corporate strategy that exemplified the business case for sustainable development, the inevitable triumph of shameless and rapacious money-lust in multinationals, and the undeniable evidence of global warming--all at the same time?

Therein lies Beluga Shipping, a German firm that specializes in "super heavy lift" transport. It's an expensive business, but the company has recently found an innovative, money-saving venture: shipping freight through melting Arctic territory. Yes indeed, a gradually warming climate has been clearing pathways through formerly impenetrable ice, which Beluga ships can now navigate with ease. Revenue galore has ensued.

The cherry on the cake here is Beluga CEO Niels Stolberg's whopper of a perspective on the new route: Since the shorter passage requires generating far less C02, he figures, it's "greener".

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