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More mind-blowing statements emanating from the hallways of our finest multinationals today. The Forest and European Union Resources Network (FERN) has released a report revealing that the EU's ecolabel has somehow allowed paper products to be certified that only require 10% of virgin fibres to be sourced from sustainably managed forests. And so here we have the Director of Sustainability for renowned Asia Pulp and Paper (seriously, what a job title), defending the company's use of the EU green logo for its 'eco-paper', manufactured by one of its subsidiaries and containing virgin timber logged from the Indonesian rainforest:

"APP is playing a crucial role as a development agency for the countries it operates in. [The Fern report] is ill-informed ... full of intent to undermine economic development in the developing world."

APP also described the report to The Guardian as representing a 'neo-colonial approach' which is 'immoral'.

Corporate communications in the area of radical transparency, folks: it harkens to mind the opening of "Singing in the Rain", where Gene Kelly reflects on his days plying his tap-dancing skills in back-country bars and says "Dignity, always dignity."

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