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Let's take a step back in time to review what Dudley said as the door slammed on Hayward on his way out:

"I am honoured to be given the job of rebuilding BP's strengths and reputation"

What he means: by focusing on rebuilding reputation, BP can regain its mandate to continue business as usual. Oil, oil and more oil.

And just for funsies, here's a few highlights from the most recent superficial commentary on BP's reputation (yes, it's still churning through the blogosphere):

-"Can BP kill their oil spill by Tuesday and save their reputation?"
"If BP, under new leadership, can finally put a stop to the leak it will be a great start to Bob Dudley’s new role and could see a marginal increase in support for the harassed oil firm."

-"BP Boss Hayward Treated As Spill 'Villain'"
"In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Mr Hayward said he did everything possible...BP's reputation-building in the US would take time, he thought. 'In America, the road back will be long but I believe achievable when the whole truth of the accident finally emerges and the Gulf coast is restored. BP can rebuild faster in America without Tony Hayward as its CEO', said Hayward."

-"Re-writing the CEO Job Description to Ensure Reputation Protection"
"The role of the CEO in reputation protection has been headline news as the BP crisis rumbled on and Tony Hayward excelled in the role of pantomime villain."

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