Bonus bonus gem

Random CSR report of the week: Network Rail.

It floated into my inbox this morning. Besides being mostly average and abusing cartoons to provide a fruitlessly alternative way of communicating this average information, we're treated to the phenomenal highlight above--a snapshot of their white male workforce. I always feel automatic fear and trepidation when I encounter a diagram titled 'Equality and Diversity', but this one really takes it to the next level by delivering--well, the opposite of equality and diversity.

Don't worry Network Rail, I'm a professional. Here's two robust suggestions for amplifying the impact of that diagram's sub-header:

1. We want to attract the most talented white men to work with us
2. We are attracting the most white men to work with us

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  1. Hey Natalya

    I agree that I wouldn't have chosen a looming giant white human outline to represent this, but come on, mind the hypocrisy here...

    You're either:

    Taking a cheap shot here without any understanding of the organisational context,


    recommending that CSR reports should be a refuge of good news only. Not being successful, and reporting facts honestly doesn't make it greenwash.

    Not many girls apply to be a railway apprentice. Last year Network Rail spent a lot of time on a campaign to improve this, and raised applications from females by 84%.