Uber gem

An unintentionally hilarious piece of thought leadership from the oil and gas industry:

"The Gas Machine", from a microsite on Statoil which carries the unfortunate title of 'goodideas.statoil.com'

That's right, in an age where all other companies in the industry are competing to produce ambiguous greenwash about the future of energy, Statoil is laying down the line about just how much gas its ingeniously named Troll development has produced since 1996. And they're not mincing words:

"Developed through the application of innovative technology, this enormous platform has provided Europe with gas since 1996, and will carry on doing so, for many decades to come."

But wait--it's not as simple as that. The best part is that if you accept their invitation to 'take part in the conversation', you're transported to the magical homepage of 'goodideas' which carries this headline:

"Together we can solve the challenges of tomorrow."

Awkward. I think Statoil's comms team needs a 101 on thought leadership to decide which misleading message they want to choose: greenwash or dirty energy promotion. Maybe they can call these guys for help?

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