Gem of the day

Joel Makower does his annual run-down of the polling frenzy in the lead up to Earth Day 2011. Here's one gem of a stat which typifies the relentless quest of these various media firms and research agencies to find PR-able nuggets in chaos of green markets:

"Lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or transgender (LGBT) adults are accelerating their personal commitment to environmental issues at a higher rate than their heterosexual counterparts, found Harris Interactive. A majority (55 percent) of LGBT adults, say they 'personally care a great deal about the current state and future of the environment,' compared to just 33 percent of heterosexual American adults."

Green or not, it's true that as long as the GOP has its say gay Americans will have a lot more to worry about than straight Americans.

Here's another great one:

"New Consumers are looking for brands that deliver 'total value' — products that work well, last longer, cost less and, hopefully, do some good."


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