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Joe Romm over at ClimateProgress is up in arms today about Obama's scheduled speech on energy security. The speech is supposed to revolve around a new White House plan to cut the nation's oil imports 1/3 by 2025. Romm rightfully points out that the 2008 baseline used--11.1 million barrels a day--means the goal is less ambitious than it seems, since for 2009 and 2010 the good ol' US-of-A has already averaged 9 million.

But what's making Romm especially upset is the same thing most enviromental groups took issue with after the State of the Union: the total absence of climate change, global warming and carbon from Obama's rhetoric.

Why? Framing the energy--let alone sustainable development--conversation around climate in the US isn't working. If anything, it's set the sustainability agenda back significantly by giving the big energy lobbyists and their GOP friends something to debate over instead of increasing regulations and taking action.

The attempted dismantling of the EPA is a direct outcome of that ongoing, tortured debate which environmentalists will never win as long as the economy remains on the side of traditional energy (and it will in the near future).

It ain't about climate anymore. It's about better lifestyles, health and safety, and common sense. I wiil definitely play that drinking game with you though, Joe.

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