Bonus gem

Guess what everyone! Our friends over at News Corp have finally, at long last achieved their goal of becoming carbon neutral. Harken, the future of corporate sustainability is here. After all, if Rupert Murdoch can afford enough offsets to make his megacorporation look less dangerous, the skies are wide open for his more innocuous peers. Here's Murdoch reveling in his achievement:

""We made a bold commitment in 2007 to embed the values of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability into all of our businesses -- for the benefit of our communities and our bottom line."

And how about the social side of things, News Corp? Journalistic integrity, anyone? Halting global progress through disinformation and climate science denial? According to their pseudo-article in Greenbiz/press release, "News Corp. also created a set of intentionally broad long-term goals with no time horizon." Wow, impressive. Included among them is this gem:

"Continue to engage its readers, employees and customers on sustainability"

Oh well, I guess that'll go in next year's CSR report. Wait--I don't even want to know what that goal looks like for News Corp in practice. I think I'll just watch Fox News instead.

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