Gem of the day

Ann Coulter never fails to blow my mind, for obvious reasons. But this gem of a column she's written, a truly unreal assessment of the Japanese nuclear explosion, goes above and beyond the call of duty:

"With the terrible earthquake and resulting tsunami that have devastated Japan, the only good news is that anyone exposed to excess radiation from the nuclear power plants is now probably much less likely to get cancer. This only seems counterintuitive because of media hysteria for the past 20 years trying to convince Americans that radiation at any dose is bad. There is, however, burgeoning evidence that excess radiation operates as a sort of cancer vaccine."

Right. Her conclusion to the article is a tour-de-force in itself:

"Remember that, so far, thousands have died only because of Mother Nature. And the survivors may outlive all of us over here in hermetically sealed, radiation-free America."

Ann, I'll buy you a one-way ticket to Minamisanriku. You can be a lesson to us all.

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