Uber-gem of the day

In recognition of this Uber-gem, I'm just going to go ahead and faithfully reproduce Joe Romm's take on BP hiring Anne Womack-Kolton to be their new spokeswoman.

"You just can’t make this stuff up. In the dumbest PR move since Tiger Woods (temporarily) hired Ari Fleischer, the much-maligned former Bush Administration press secretary,” to try to reconstruct his image, BP has hired a former top aide for Vice President Dick Cheney to be their new spokeswoman."

Romm continues his ingenius rant to point out the 'logic' behind the decision: "So what does a company that is starting to make Goldman Sachs seem like Ben & Jerry’s do to restore its hemorrhaging image? Why, it hires someone who’s an expert in working with people with single-digit popularity."

Womack-Kolton specializes in 'high-stakes communications'. Now there's a glowing resume.

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