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Dear Danny Rogers at PRWeek,

Thanks for 'weighing in' on the effects of the oil spill on BP's reputation. It's so much more of a salient issue than, for example, the clean-up effort or the regulatory implications or the future of the global energy supply. When you write that in recent weeks the company's reputation "was under the sort of American verbal assault last experienced by the Taliban", there's no doubt that's a real zinger--I mean, wow. I don't think any of the other professional commentary I've come across has used such an eye-popping analogy.

But Danny, what makes your article a must-read is that you really take it to the next level with this statement:

"CEO Tony Hayward has taken a level of flak that must make even a highly paid executive wonder if his career was worth all the effort."

You're right, Danny--he's taken the flak and he really, really just wants his life back.

We'll stand by for the next reputational impact, as you identify it: "The operational errors are about to be scrutinised by US Congress at heavier reputational cost." Here's to hoping those Senators can't find their glasses.

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