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Fun Googling of oil companies has unearthed another temple to incremental innovation. Here lieth Total's initiative, Total Ecosolutions, which actually reproduces word for word the terminology of incremental innovation:

"Leveraging innovation to serve continuous improvement, the Total Ecosolutions program is aimed at developing products and services to help our customers — both businesses and consumers — to reduce their energy use and their environmental footprint."

Good times. And how do they salute the progress of their tepid project? Ah yes, with the classic [ab]use of an analogy to an emissions reduction achievement that didn't actually occur:

"Our estimates show that using the 13 Total Ecosolutions products and services instead of the reference products and services would avoid carbon dioxide equivalent emissions of 500,000 metric tons a year. That works out the same as emissions from 160,000 vehicles in a year."

And so, with the help of these 13 wondrous products and services, all of which would happily live in the pages of any Don DeLillo novel--chainsaw oils, water-based adhesives or the foreboding'Lumicene® polypropylene', anyone?--Total takes some appropriately small steps towards sustainable development. Appropriate, that is, for a company whose core business strategy is fundamentally unsustainable.

More updates on some of Total's more high-profile climate change campaigns to come.

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