Bonus gem

The response from @bpglobalpr to BP's request that it acknowledge it is just a fake:

“We are not associated with Beyond Petroleum, the company that has been destroying the Gulf of Mexico for 51 days."

And it even gets better from there. They suggest:

"Will Twitter please shut down @BP_America - no one can tell if it's a joke!"

Indeed. Recent @BP_America posts, from the actual PR team at BP, have been at best tepid and at worst condescending pieces of fluff. Highlights include:

"Ride along with @uscoastguard Commandant Adm Papp as he takes his first flight over the #oilspill site."
"BP's Bob Dudley talks about thoughts & feelings of #BP employees in Louisiana with Gov. Jindal earlier this week: http://bit.ly/bPWi0e"
"Take a look inside the Command Center as this diverse team works together 24/7 to respond to the oil spill. (via @CNN) http://bit.ly/cLbYLH"

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