Gem of the day

Brace yourselves. The Washington Post actually published this whopper of an article today in their dubious Green Lantern weekly feature:

"Which oil companies are more eco-friendly than the rest?"

Better yet, it opens with this revelation:

"Back in April, a reader asked which gas station was the most eco-friendly choice, and BP came out pretty high on the Lantern's list."


So what's the logic behind this article again?

"Regardless, few of the Lantern's pals are hanging up their car keys anytime soon. So it may be worth asking how BP fares in comparison to the rest of the world's oil suppliers."

Their methodology:

"The Lantern scanned the last three years of annual sustainability reports put out voluntarily by the six supermajor oil companies and by smaller refiners."

So basically the Lantern is founding this comparison on a once-over of the voluntary CSR reports of companies that, lest we forget, went so far as to provide hollow compliance reports to the US government. Anyone sensing a flaw here?

Finally, the article concludes with a hearty dose of support for incremental innovation:

"Whichever station you use, it's important to remember one thing: The road trip that's best for the planet is the shortest one."

I rest my case.

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