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Stop the presses: Ban ki-Moon proves in an NY Times editorial that the UN actually can create powerful and effective communications (although, yes, given this channel he is preaching to the choir):

He positions sustainable energy as an enabler:

"Energy transforms lives, businesses and economies. And it transforms our planet — its climate, natural resources and ecosystems. There can be no development without energy. Today we have an opportunity to turn on the heat and lights for every household in the world, however poor, even as we turn down the global thermostat. The key is to provide sustainable energy for all."

...and uses mobile phones as an analogy (new and 'untested' technology, required major government investment, encountered sceptical consumers):

"Twenty years ago, universal access to mobile communications seemed preposterous. Yet as governments put proper frameworks in place and the private sector invested resources and pioneered business models, the communications revolution exploded."

...and last but not least, emphasizes the reality that competitive renewable energy is already here:

"Capacity is expanding. Performance is improving. Prices are declining. New products are emerging that require less energy. This is a solid foundation upon which to build the next great energy transition."

Are you listening, Rio +20?

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