Another non-environmental wonder

The best of the worst of the jargon in 2011 that rang through boardrooms, cubicles and powerpoints in the business vortex (via the FT):
  • "Going forward, we are focused on aggressively managing short-term challenges and opportunities and we remain committed to delivering our mid-decade plan and serving a growing group of Ford customers.”(Alan Mullally of Ford - and we wonder why investors don't seem to be able to act on strategic risks like climate change)
  • “The challenge for me is to re-aggregate the big picture, while throwing my arms around as much of the density of complexities as possible, distilling them down to their most basic constituents and plugging them back into the big picture.” (A faithful senior partner at one of the Big Four)
  • "The assessment was based on international methodology and on ground-truthing.” (A consultant at McKinsey - where else?)

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