Another non-environmental wonder

News that Hostess, the infamous American manufacturer of sickeningly sweet snacks, has filed for bankruptcy, is attracting weirdly misguided analysis. Here's one gem (via Forbes):

"The company’s assets can become valuable properties of several of its rivals...I would imagine that its production machinery as well as several proprietary items such as recipes might make great additions to Kellogg’s, Kraft and even beverage giants CoCa-Cola and Pepsi. 'Have a Coke and a Twinkie' has a nice ring to it...Hopefully the brand can re-emerge as part of a company such as Keebler or Mondelez with proven track records that is able to make Twinkies the non-perishable item for which it is known."

Memo to Forbes: Twinkies are so artificial they can last up to 25 years without going bad. That's only one reason a nation facing 44% obesity rates by 2030 should never, ever eat them.

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