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Time to take another look at why renewables aren't getting the traction they need, especially in the US.

The American landscape (via NY Times):

"With nearly two months before Election Day on Nov. 6, estimated spending on television ads promoting coal and more oil and gas drilling or criticizing clean energy has exceeded $153 million this year." [Getting aggressively consumer-facing, such as this I'm an Energy Voter campaign]

The mindset of major American NGOs in response:

"The Climate Reality Project is not buying television ads at all, focusing instead on social media, training and organizing. 'Whatever we would spend, it would just be washed away in this sea of fossil fuel money,' said Maggie L. Fox, the group’s chief executive."

“We are being outgunned by orders of magnitude...There is just no way we can compete with some of the richest companies in the history of the world," said Michael Brune, executive director of the Sierra Club.


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