Gem of the day

Social media is supposed to be great for giving people a voice and a space for debate, but with comments like this gem--responding to Naomi Klein's extraordinary piece in the Nation this week--sometimes I start to think the Internet was a big mistake. Cheers to the author of it for somehow managing to get the entire point of Klein's article wrong.

"You say a plan is needed. I agree, but a much larger plan than one limited to environmental protection. I call the larger plan I propose the POW! Plan. It's a homophone and mirror image of the "battle" plan that LF Powell, soon-to-be US Supreme Court Justice, fired off to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. He was worried that liberals were ruining the free-enterprise system. His plan sparked the "corporate revolution" that became the fifth corpocracy in America's history."

Jesus. But there's another comment further down through the wreckage that really takes the cake:

"Seriously, who cares?"

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