Gem of the day

More often then not, what passes for news in the sustainability community can sound like material lifted from the Onion or the Daily Mash.

Here's a headline that serves up the proof (via the Guardian):

"Rio Earth Summit postponed after clash with Queen's Diamond Jubilee"

Thank god we've got our priorities in order. And also thank god there's a shadow energy & climate secretary who is clever enough to come up with this genius quote to shame David Cameron (who won't be attending, regardless of the jubilee):

"What a sad turn of events that David Cameron, who would hug a huskie for a press stunt just a few years, has now cold-shouldered the biggest environmental conference for 20 years."

'Environmental conference'? That's a surefire way of transcending that thorny, decades-old 'economy vs. environment' debate.

But wait! It gets even better. WWF actually takes the time to pander to David Cameron's mind-boggling inability to understand the significance of Rio +20:

"[WWF said:] Now it has been confirmed that the Earth summit is being moved specifically to accommodate the Commonwealth heads of government we would hope that the prime minister can find time in his busy schedule to attend the Rio summit."

Thanks for reading, David!

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