Gem of the day

If you're looking to go to a mind-blowing conference this year, this one should do the trick:

Iraq Mega Projects 2011.

"Iraq Mega Projects Conference 2011 will focus on the progress, the challenges and the solutions faced in the production of the 12 oilfields."

What a gem. But it gets even better: CSR has not gone too far afield--ahem--of their agenda:

"Corporate Social Responsibility Led by UNDP: This year's session promises to be a thought-provoking and interactive discussion. Led by the United Nations who, with their local experiences is, well placed to engineer solutions and highlight possible problem areas for companies concerned with their corporate social responsibilities."

At this point in the brochure--which landed on my desk yesterday morning--I began to wonder if this is actually real. Is it? The corporate site is a little suspect. But the organisers, the ambiguously named 'CWC Group', won a Queen's Award for Enterprise in 2011.

Long story short, I hope it's a joke.

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