Bonus gem

Exxon Mobil published their 'Corporate Citizenship' report today. Rather than explore it in detail, which would obviously be a waste of time, behold a gem from their dedicated 'Stakeholders' page. It provides a mini case study for each major 'stakeholder group' they engage with.

Bearing in mind that mashing NGOs and communities into one group is in itself a gem, here's the case study for it:

"Communities and NGOsGoal: Enhance trust and communication through knowledge sharing
Example: Operational transparency through guided tours
The Esso refinery and chemical facility at Fawley is the largest in the United Kingdom. Each year, employees at Fawley volunteer to participate in local community projects. To further engage the community and promote understanding of operations at the facility, guided tours are offered to local residents. Each tour provides visitors with an introductory presentation of Fawley operations, including a detailed overview of safety, in which visitors learn about the site’s safety performance as well as community emergency response procedures. In 2010, more than 500 residents toured the facility, responding positively to seeing firsthand the level of security, environmental controls, and safety procedures implemented at the site."

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