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Coca Cola's new "Chairs" ad (see raging critique in HuffPo) is the company's latest take on placing responsibility for health and wellbeing squarely on the consumer - where it's easiest to say it belongs. Why "Chairs"? Of course Publicis, creators of the ad, can handily explain:

"The goal was to open the discussion with the society about the sedentary lifestyle problem. Some studies show that people spend more than half of their lives seated and that was the inspiration for the idea. Since the insight is human and universal the campaign can be used in future in other countries, depending on Coke Worldwide's decision."

With half of Americans already obese and numbers rising, surely a "sedentary lifestyle" is only chipping away at a much larger systematic issue - but given Coke's focus on marketing around this issue rather than taking real action, that's probably asking too much.

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