Another non-environmental wonder

The aftermath of CEO Ron Johnson's hasty exit from retailer JC Penney has proved a busy space for commentary on just how wrong he got it.

Apple board member Bill Campbell echoed a critical insight into why business transformation can fail with his take on the situation (via Businessweek):

“You have to keep your current business going while you experiment with a new one. [Ron] didn’t do that. He just put a bullet hole in his current business."

Even better, an interview with Johnson offers a priceless look at his misguided attitude towards the change process, in his own words (via FastCompany):

"All my ideas just sort of come. I don’t know to explain it. It’s all intuitive I think...I wanted to do something that had scale. I don’t just want to run a business, I want to do what I did at Apple--I want the chance to transform something. So I picked JC Penney. I didn’t come here to improve Penney, I’m here to transform Penney."

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