Gem of the day

Every now and then a piece of news analysis by the FT comes out that is truly worth reading. This piece is one of them. It provides an overview of the forces at work in the conflict over Chinese businessman Huang Nubo's ambition to build a luxury hotel in a remote part of Iceland's wilderness.

This gem may be one of the best:

"[Huange] says he was dismayed by global media reaction...'I’m just a businessman – why does everyone think I have the government at my back?'"

vs. two paragraphs later

"Mr Huang, who has climbed Everest and reached the north and south poles, rejects any claim that his deal is motivated by strategic considerations. 'It’s true that I have a government background. But I didn’t want to be a bureaucrat,' he says, stroking a purring kitten. 'Could a bureaucrat keep cats in his office?'”

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