Bonus gem

Finally, an example of the gamechanging innovation we're looking for around product sustainability. A new "breakthrough technology". Something that makes "long-term financial as well as environmental sense". Destined to green "an entire industry" (via Guardian Sustainable Business).

What is it?

A plastic bottle that uses plant-based materials to replace "some" that are petroleum-based and will cut carbon emissions 8-10% in the process.

Uh. Unsurprisingly this faux-revolution promo comes from the folks over at Coke.

And now for the bad news (such a balanced article!)
  • The plant-based alternative only covers ethyleneglycol – around 22.5% of PET by weight
  • Using plants is all fun and games unless ,as the author points out, it requires excessive water use, pushes up food prices (by using arable land for non-food purposes) or relies on genetically-modified technologies
  • Coca-Cola was recently thrown out of the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability Index 
When will it sink into the corporate vortex that what we really need is to completely reimagine products and services, and to cut some out entirely? Incremental improvements to plastic bottles from a company that uses over 1 liter of water to manufacture 1 liter of bottled water just ain't gonna cut it.

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