Bonus gem

The networking event Green Mondays sent me a reminder of an upcoming event today with this headline:

"How Resource Scarcity has Shaped Nissan's Core Business Strategy"

Apparently this is because, in the heady winds of 2011, Nissan's R&D strategy--yes, that's right, research, not actual car sales--will be focusing on electric vehicles.

I did a double-take, mostly because of the company's clear focus (like all other brands in the automotive industry) on selling millions of cars in China. In 2010 Nissan sold 1 million cars, to be exact-- an increase of 36% over 2009. And they plan to sell another 1.15 million in 2011. Not exactly the most resource efficient or sustainable strategy.

Green Mondays goes on to say:

"If you wind back most of the next-generation Sustainability strategies, including Nissan, PepsiCo, M&S and Siemens, you find its an awareness of resource scarcity that takes it into the boardroom."

Double standard? I think so.

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