Bonus gem

More from the automotive vortex.

Here's organisation Green Mondays on why Nissan will be one of the businesses participating in an upcoming session on "Creative disruption--strategies for the new paradigm":

"Expecting rising energy prices to shape car demand, Nissan was the first major car maker to switch its R&D focus to EV's. It recently-launched "Leaf" which travels 100 miles on a £2 charge, and its electric knowledge helped Nissan to win the $1bn New York taxi contract in April. With the market now following Nissan, its Sustainability framework has given it a major strategic advantage."

That's nice, but let's think back to Ford's business strategy and look at what Nissan is doing in China, as opposed to in the US which is a saturated market:
"Nissan says it aims to sell 1.15 million cars in China in 2011 and is in the process of expanding production capacity to double the current amount to meet that target."

Right. And what kinds of cars would that be? EVs they are seemingly pouring so much R&D money into?

"Nissan Motor Co., Japan’s second- largest carmaker, aims to double sales of Infiniti-brand vehicles in China this year as demand for luxury cars grows in the world’s biggest automobile market." (source)

Oh, I see.

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