Bonus gem

Over at Treehugger they're pondering the question "is 'green billionaire' an oxymoron?" Short answer: yes. Bill Gates gets a near-failing "D" grade, however: here's their explanation of why.

"Bill Gates - Until Gates can ensure me that his efforts to help feed Africa are devoid of corporate controlled GMOs he'll never be green to me. Grade: D. Some more human scale efforts to feeding Africa would"

More like a D Minus to me. But it's not because of the GMOs. Bill is one of those industry vortex people who believes, with an iron rigidity, there are simply one or two silver-plated pathways to sustainable development: nuclear energy and geoengineering. Zing!

And not only that, he attempts to destroy potential solutions that he doesn't personally think fit into those two pathways (lame-o "cutesy" stuff like energy efficiency). Which, awkwardly enough, is at odds with his lament in a recent essay on climate policy:

“The world is distracted from what counts on this issue in a big way,” he wrote.

True that. And it's certainly no thanks to people like Bill himself.

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