Bonus bonus gem

An unfortunate piece of mega-greenwash from GE--I say "unfortunate" because it's part of their Ecomagination initiative, which has so far been a sustainable beacon of light in the senseless debate over whether sustainable products and services can deliver financial benefits.

Ironically the slogan is pretty much right, but not for the reasons GE's marketing team were imagining. See Joe Romm for an in-depth review, in a nutshell here:

  • Natural gas is one of the worst greenhouse gases
  • More importantly, it's still a traditional energy source--why even bother when we have zero-emission, infinitely renewable energy sources available?
Probably the worst proof point the full version of the ad uses is that natural gas in the US could "power every home in the country for over 70 years". A few decades? What about a few centuries later?

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