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In case you missed it, the new year has not been a slow one for a key part of the UK's shale gas hype machine, the big 4 accountancies - they're hard at work.

Witness the head of oil & gas tax (what a job!) at Deloitte UK (via them):

"Gaining the support of local communities for shale gas is crucial...The measures from both the Government and the United Kingdom Onshore Operators Group (UKOOG) mean further economic benefits for local communities from shale activity in their neighbourhoods."

Of course, once local communities have been steamrolled using this promise of financial gain, there's no chance the hype could hit the fan - just as it has in the US (via Jeremy Leggett but also a concern for scientists and other smart people):

"The large deficits being run by the US shale oil and gas industry are starting to be reported in the financial press...The reason for this decline is that while some wells may be profitable, overall drilling and producing shale oil and gas is simply not."

If only the big 4 were as good with numbers as they are with press releases.

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