Gem of the day

McKinsey, steadfast supporters of the status quo, offer three tips for "becoming more strategic" in a company. Tip #2 is "Become expert at identifying potential disruptors", which they describe as "the sorts of changes that make or break companies".

Ironically one hypothetical they give is for an oil company with UK assets to keep an eye on competitors and their investments - not, say, the price of carbon, the rise of non-traditional activist movements, growth of renewable energy markets, energy return on investment or, heaven forbid, decisionmakers' awareness of peak oil. Because in the world of business as usual, monitoring "less conventional" fluctuations in the average is what counts as mastering strategic threats.

Here's one tip they could have offered instead of all three:

"Become expert at translating global megatrends into threats or opportunities for your business - and then find the real thinkers who will help the company design a long-term strategic response to them."

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