Gem of the day

The Earth Day Network's Billion Acts of Green campaign, classic clicktivism at its finest, was proud this week to have reached 500 million recorded acts. And there's just something about the top four that's hard to stomach on a Thursday morning (via the vortex that is TriplePundit):
  • Plant a garden at school or home (3412)
  • Change out light bulbs (1854)
  • Organize an Earth Day event (1673)
  • Eliminate the use of toxic chemicals in home and garden (1227)
But the 1970s-inspired quote from president Kathleen Rogers really takes it to the next level of gems:

“There are so many wonderful stories from this campaign, from the mother who started a recycling program in a small Louisiana town – to the guy who said that he broke up with his girlfriend because she wouldn’t recycle."

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