Gem of the day

Business schools are typically the last place you would ever look for new perspectives, creativity and truly critical thinking. Which is why this article in Fast Company discussing how b-schools are moving to add courses in ethics and other such intangible considerations is hardly a surprise.

Consider this gem:

"MBA programs are teaching more social, environmental, and ethical content than ever. Four-fifths now require students to take a business and society course, compared to just 34% in 2001."

A 'business and society' course? What is this, the 1970s? Well, yes, if you're so unlucky as to be enrolled in an MBA program.

Which is why the last gem in the article is so damning:

"Business schools are good at creating a 24/7 experience that really shapes the minds of students. The intensity of the degree, and the cloistered experience, is also why they are so influential."

All in favour of the status quo, please raise your hands.

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