Bonus gem

Yesterday I published an op-ed in Ethical Corporation responding to Al Gore's solutions for fixing what he terms a "Climate of Denial" in the sustainability debate.

Just to be clear: I think Al Gore is one of the greatest leaders we have on all things sustainability. His new project ClimateReality is going to be an important part of transcending the Climate of Denial.

But I don't think it's right to state, as Gore does, that the USA is "the only nation that can rally a global effort to save our future ... and the president is the only person who can rally the United States.”

My argument is that leadership potential sits in the hands of anyone who can access, analyse and strategically use information.

And that's just what ClimateReality is doing so well.


  1. Natalya,

    Your comments about Al Gore are nahive and show lack of understandign of what leadership is all about in the US.

    Unfortunately most people in the US get their education thorugh the telvision...thus, people will start paying attention to climate change if and only when the president recognizes that there is a major problem origintaed by human activity...
    And the US has major responsibility in addressing the climate chage challegnge. That is Al Gore's point.
    Your comments are far from helping people rally behind the real US leaders

  2. please do not praise Nike’s GreenXchange initiative. Nike is one of the most unethical companies ever!!

    Get informed about the enormous damage Nike has done to its customers throughtout the years....read "Born to Run" (Chirstopher McDougall)

  3. Interesting point, until you realise that only 20% of Americans think the president is the one who should lead on climate change.

    Americans are much more progressive about what leadership actually means than you might think, Anonymous. This ain't China.