Gem of the day

Like all executives in industries tightly tied to the government, BAE Systems US CEO Linda Hudson has an uncanny ability to sidestep awkward revolving door conversations (via the WSJ):

"The lifelong Democrat [Hudson] has said she will leave BAE early next year and has been mentioned as a possible candidate to succeed Ashton Carter as deputy U.S. defense secretary when he steps down in December. The problem is she plans to remain on the board of BAE’s U.S. business for another year, ruling out a job with the company’s key customer. 'The timing is not right,' said Hudson."

Luckily there's nothing standing in the way of her alternative plan to consult on all things defense in the meantime:

"Once she retires, Ms. Hudson said she intends to set up a leadership and strategy consulting firm, take additional U.S. corporate board seats."

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