Gem of the day

Case in point why The Nature Conservancy, like most corporate-funded, partnership-dependent NGOs, just doesn't get:

a) The biggest impact of their work on business, especially companies where conservation isn't most material (hint: it's reputational, the halo effect of being seen to work with a global conservation organisation)

b) The changing role of business in the world, especially in relation to government (hint: "megatrends" are called "mega" for a reason, so it's not an "either/or" of government vs. business need to take action)

But I'll let TNC President Mark Tercek speak for himself:

"You’re asking, what’s Coke going to do about its product, or how can they be an even nobler citizen? I don’t know the answer. And it’s not exactly TNC’s job. If Coke’s product is a bad product, I think the government has to say so. That’s my personal answer. I don’t think you can ask a business to not be a business."

Luckily for Tercek there are people out there who know the answer: stop targeting minorities and kids with marketing, price drinks so smaller sizes are best value (full list here), or, even better, just sell less Coke.

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