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As the world's largest food company, you'd assume Nestle has a good vantage point for understanding the impact of climate change on the energy, water and nutrition challenges we face. And yet, here's Chairman Peter Brabeck doing just the opposite (via GSB):

"I've been coming up here [World Economic Forum] for 15 years and nobody was talking about water. They were talking about CO2, they were talking about climate change; that we're going to roast and burn. We're talking about running out of oil, well it happens that we have 120 years of proven oil reserves, we have 240 years of proven gas reserves, we have 550 years of proven coal reserves, we have thousands of years of proven Uranium reserves and we are running out of water today."
There's only 3 possible explanations:

1. He doesn't get the link between climate change and oil, gas and coal (scary)
2. He's so busy talking up Nestle's water focus (a big reputational issue) that he got his story totally wrong.
3. He assumes because oil has a value in the market, investment will be made into alternatives as supply runs out (never mind the timescales demanded by climate)

It's all even more ironic given that he goes on to make a big deal out of understanding the big picture:

"If you become more and more and more specialised in a world that is more and more interconnected, you are losing your impact and your credibility to find solutions."

You can say that again, Mr. Brabeck.

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