Gem of the day

A classic case of how most big businesses still aren't asking the right questions to drive sustainable innovation at scale (via HBR):

"'What if I can change the game and make a car for one lakh?' Ratan Tata wondered, envisioning a price point of around US$2,500, less than half the price of the cheapest car available...He knew, however, he could still make money if he could increase sales volume dramatically, and he knew that his target base of consumers was potentially huge."

Imagine if Tata had instead asked "What if I can change the game and transform how affordable, healthy and low carbon mobility works in megacities?"

He probably wouldn't have gotten an answer that entailed selling about 170,000 passenger cars per year, flooding India with more traffic, more pollution and a big missed opportunity to transcend the impacts of car-centric development.

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