Gem of the day

Trendwatching.com's trend-of-the-month never fails to deliver a few laughs. This month's takes the cake:

"NEWISM. The ‘new’ has never been hotter, as the entire world, from emerging to mature economies, is now creating new products, services and experiences on a daily, if not hourly basis, in every B2C industry."

And what better picture to accompany the debut of NEWISM than one of this long line at H&M? It perfectly sums up the hell that this trend will drive: more mass-market, cheap and vacuous consumerism.

As with so many outputs from the marketing vortex, NEWNESS comes with the following disclaimer:

"It is also not just breathless, eco-unfriendly, product-replacing madness (see also driver 6): in fact, there's an absolute avalanche of new eco-friendly products and services out there as well."

So all we need to do is introduce more products with vague environmental credentials, on top of the pile of stuff we don't need, to buy our way out of our global sustainability crisis? That's right Trendwatching.com, you totally don't get it.

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