Gem of the day

This information harkens back to March, but it's a striking example of how quickly the business of CSR is degenerating into a wasteland of ranking fluff. Swiss research firm Covalence released a ranking of the 12 Least Ethical Companies in the World, with our favorite agribusiness giant Monsanto coming in dead last. Bad news for the Monsanto corporate communications team.

And yet, phenomenally enough, last week CR Magazine gave Monsanto's comms team in the trenches a shovel to dig their way out with their inspired inclusion of the company in their 11th annaul '100 Best Corporate Citizens' report. Magically enough, Monsanto clocked in at #31 (O, how the bearers of the world's seeds have fallen since their reign at #23 last year. What's changed? More lawsuits against small farmers getting harder to ignore?)

So let's review: #31 on one list, #581 on another. Both based on publicly available data measured across a wide range of sustainability indicators. Now that's a gem.

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